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Streetlight Cinema is a cooperative repertory troupe (in the formative stages) devoted to making films (both documentary and narrative) that hope to enlighten, enchant, engage, and entertain beyond mainstream marketplace concerns. Films that do not fear integrity, art, poetry, intelligence, tragedy or controversy. Movies that could not under usual circumstances slip through the pre-marketplace system of filters which reject films that are too "small" or not readily categorized or fail to indulge popular corporate values or pander to the lower denominators. We do not espouse pretension or art for art's sake, but art in the service of telling stories that embrace the mysteries of human experience. Films that recognize the extraordinary in the commonplace, and the poetry in the realities of life.




Rod Bradley

Streetlight Cinema

870 W. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90037-1205

TEL: 323 235-3263

FAX: 323 235-0576


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