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Rod Bradley - writer/co-producer/ director MEETING VAN GOGH

Brief Biography:

Rod Bradley has been/is still/by all odds will remain a filmmaker, novelist, poet, picture-maker and renaissance guy manqué. He has published two generously praised novels (TV MAN, GUN PLAY ) and numerous poems. He was a principle writer of the Emmy award winning Smithsonian World documentary series on PBS. His photographs have been exhibited with Ansel Adams and William Eggleston. He has worked as a cinemaphotographer, editor, writer, producer, director on sundry independent projects -- those of others and his own. He has lived throughout the United States, came of age in the Middle East in Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon.

By way of self-introduction, a few vapors from the horse's mouth:

I persist in believing honesty is not a form of foolishness despite blazing evidence to the contrary.

I see hard work (even some toil and labor) on something of significance as having kinship with play, love, and Mother Nature: especially snowfall and wine.

I feel time is always short -- and forever eternal.

I like individual human beings with absurd democracy -- sometimes despite themselves.

While I can understand the evils of greed and the corruption of power, I have never grasped how some people take pleasure in another's humiliation.

I am opinionated but tolerant, except when it comes to human cruelty in larger and lesser forms -- and the arrogance of the powerful taking advantage of the powerless.

I am delighted by people coming together while preserving their individual flavors, a free-form cross-pollinating garden.

I distrust mobs and gangs as well as the less obvious clubs of privilege -- all of which seem to obscure individual humanity and fail to leave much kindness in their wake.

I regard life as a privilege, creating art (or the attempt) as an even greater privilege and believe such privilege carries the responsibility not to abuse -- and the edict to elevate.

I have not sought obscurity, but have achieved it almost effortlessly.

By nature I am a romantic realist -- i.e., innocence triumphs over cynicism after fierce non-violent battle.

Religion: an informal Zen-ish Buddhist, and cracked humanitarian whose love finally bulldozes his skepticism.

Personal motto: Neither master nor slave... ie respect and be respected.

If I were to articulate a credo of art/life, it might be a path strewn with the following:

Understatement is often god-like.

Overstatement is often politician-like.

Art should be simultaneously grand and humble.

The truth is rarely a bestseller, except by accident.

Honesty is the quiet nurturing Friend who stands faithfully in the shadows as Gimmickry dances in the limelight telling people what they want to hear.

The human animal has a great capacity for love, but alas, this gift is often crushed by even greater talents for self-interest and denial.

You can be smart without being wise -- and wise without being recognized as smart..

Creation requires both chaos and balance.

Sleep is good.


And so on...

I have been known to be insufficiently succinct. But I you reminding the babbling brook it's time to enter the underground spring.

Kindly forgive a PS: to give some idea of my taste in movies, I note here a mere seven favorites (least I go on and on to put up a hundred more of merit):

Rules of the Game (Jean Renoir)

Dersu Uzala (Akira Kurosawa)

Night On Earth (Jim Jarmusch)

Spirit of the Beehive (Victor Erice)

McCabe & Mrs. Miller (Robert Altman)

Decalogue (Krystof Kieskowski)

Killer of Sheep (Charles Burnett)


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